A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 The Tangled Threads We Weave {closed to Aphrodite}

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PostSubject: The Tangled Threads We Weave {closed to Aphrodite}   Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:07 pm

Ares didn’t like this place and usually avoided it. The cave was a throwback to the old days complete with spinning wheel. The loom that held the strings of all living beings with a pattern only they could decipher. New yarn being added with new lives and others being cut and or removed. The god inwardly shivered as a string was cut just as he’d entered.

After the talk with those brats by the river outside the border of the camp, Ares had a lot of suspicions on his mind. He’d gone and tried to ignore them, but he finally went to the Fates. While he didn’t like going to them, there were times when the gods did so. Sometimes the gods wanted to inquire after certain mortals or demigods who crossed their paths. It was a precaution, and this was one that the war god wanted to heed. He’d rarely gone to see these three since he’d been confident that nothing could cut his string. He was the god of war and as long as there were mortals there would be war. Without him, little annoyances and irritants would cause fights which would escalate to brawls and evolve to an all out free for all that would keep growing. No, the god of war would always be around.

One of the times he’d had curiosity had been about to enquire after one of his halfblooded children. He’d thought the man would go far and he’d been proven right. It had amused him to learn last year that the man had been stuck as a Guinea pig and that none other than Percy Jackson had set his son loose upon the seas to terrorize it again. Now here he was again to not ask about any child of his, but of the brat he’d tried very hard to forget. While Ares was brash and reckless, he was also cautious and thought very carefully before he acted. He’d already acted rashly once and it might have come back to bite him on the ass.

They looked up when he approached likely already knowing what he wanted to ask but knowing how much it annoyed the gods when they voiced it. Glancing at the threads, Ares had a feel for which one might be the brat’s. Pointing to it he asked about the owner of the thread and learned that it was indeed the one he’d thought it was. The information they gave him caused him to scowl, turn sharply and leave but paused outside their cave, brows furrowed in contemplation. What should he do with this?

Sensing rather than seeing the deity that appeared, Ares inwardly winced and recoiled. Depending on how he played this, it could end very badly for him. Turning, towards the goddess he gave her a curious expression and greeted her by teasing, “I didn’t think the goddess of love needed help from the fates on whom to bestow her benevolence?”
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PostSubject: Re: The Tangled Threads We Weave {closed to Aphrodite}   Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:34 am

Aphrodite had been suspecting things again. Not of anyone in particular but of a sensing that went into the motherhood that all women had. Well nearly all women had. That told her that despite no evidence to be found one way or another her precious son Thanos was still alive. Her child born of a threesome with a twist of an group effort at times as it had been a long, long and wonderfully passionate night from ages ago. This child of hers that had led her to worry over the little baby Hera once brought to Olympus had never once left her mind. The son she loved and suckled from her bosoms had all too soon been stolen from his crib. The memory of that horrible event still danced within her mind.

So now and again, whenever hints or rumors or even possible sightings occurred she had began a frequent venture of visiting the three fates. Checkin on a certain string out of all of them. Visiting them to see if the rumors were true. She never found anything fruitful and yet never once found anything that was truly devestating either. Her steps slowly taking her once she had arrived at the location of the fates towards their front entrance. She was lost in thoughts and following up on yet another likely empty lead...but never once gave up. The fates told her the child had never died and yet was unlocatable. So she had reached out and found a disciple to assist her where she could not roam.

Her thoughts jumping back to the here and now. Hands folded before her as she slowly moved towards the cave entrance. Walking slowly as part of her dreaded a negative answer while the other part of her didn't want to hear any answers bearing no fruit either. Instead of taking any longer to just delay by strolling she disappeared and then reappeared at the mouth of the cave.

She jolted a bit when she looked up and spotted Ares. Then smiled warmly and affectionately seeing who it was. Looking at him curiously and blushed at his greeting. "I never have and never will. I wasn't aware you needed any assistance in that department either. Trying to claim I'm not sating you in such ways?" She teased in response. Heading closer to him and reached out lightly to stroke his cheek. "What are you doing here Ares? Not that I'm anything but happy to see you." She said lightly.

Sauntering closer in a graceful and seductive way. Ensuring all eyes on her, primarily Ares, as she closed the distance between them. Making sure his eyes followed her body as she pressed in closer and threw her arms around his shoulders. Her lips dancing over his and she placed a kiss upon his mouth holding it for but a moment. Moving and laid her head against his chest. "I'm sure you know on a serious note the only reason I would sneak to such a location to talk to the trio three inside." She pointed out in a soft whisper. Not making any move to head inside just yet. For the moment enjoying being near Ares without someone or something interrupting.
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The Tangled Threads We Weave {closed to Aphrodite}
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