A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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Rules & Information

First stop when checking this site out. Here is where all the information you will need about rules to MythoMagic, the plot, and other information.
Rules, Information, Story
1722The Rules of the...
Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:42 pm
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Character Submission

Please come here to fill out a character template, claim your demigod child, face claim, deity, claim etc.
Approved Characters, Pending Characters, Claims
3537Hades (Lord of T...
Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:23 am
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News and Updates

Where information regarding the site will be posted and continually updated. Events will be posted here as well.
Contests, Events, Writer's Corner
44Update to the In...
Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:13 am
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Word of Mouth

A place for Out of Character things such as advertising whether that is a book, a site, whatever strikes your fancy
Recommendations, Site Advertising, Gossip, The Artist's Canvas
99Running Up That ...
Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:43 pm
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Mini Games

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What's in your Closet?

A place to put your items or quest trophies that you wish to keep rather than leaving them in the Attic of the Big House or offering them up as an offering to your godly parent. Things that mean something to you.

Tobias Ray-James, Terrance Taggart, Ares
55Gifts from Ares...
Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:16 pm
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In Character Games

Games that are in character rather than as the handler.

If they had facebook, Rumor Mill
33Dionysus' Facebo...
Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:47 pm
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Camp Halfblood

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Halfblood Hill

Where just about every Greek Demigod eventually comes to. This is home to Camp Halfblood and the start of a protected border
Thalia's Pine Tree
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The Big House

The Big House has been a part of Camp Half-Blood for a long time. It has held the Oracle's body ever since she died. It was painted red during the 1980s' through the early 1990s', but has since been painted baby-blue with a white trimIt also has a bronze eagle weather vane with wind chimes that turn into dryads as they spin. Mr. D, Chiron, and the other Camp Half-Blood staff members meet with the cabin counselors there. Also, it serves its purpose as the camp's infirmary, which is needed quite often. There are four floors including a basement and an attic in the Big House. It is home to Mr. D, Chiron, and Argus.
Fourth Floor, Third Floor, The Deck, Attic, Second Floor, First Floor, Chiron's Office, Mr. D's Office, Basement
449Was I expecting ...
Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:28 pm
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The Cabins at Camp Half-Blood each represent one of the Greek gods and goddesses. Demigods attending the camp stay in the respective cabins patronized by their immortal parents. Those of other minor gods or unclaimed children of the twelve would reside with the children of Hermes in Cabin Eleven
Cabin One (Zeus), Cabin Two (Hera), Cabin Three (Poseidon), Cabin Four (Demeter), Cabin Five (Ares), Cabin Six (Athena), Cabin Seven (Apollo), Cabin Eight (Artemis), Cabin Nine (Hephaestus), Cabin Ten (Aphrodite), Cabin Eleven (Hermes), Cabin Twleve (Dionysus), Cabin Thirteen (Hades), Cabin Fourteen (Iris), Cabin Fifteen (Hypnos), Cabin Sixteen (Nemesis), Cabin Seventeen (Nike), Cabin Eighteen (Hebe), Cabin Nineteen (Tyche), Cabin Twenty (Hecate)
67Welcome Back (Le...
Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:04 am
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The Dining Pavilion

The dining pavilion is where the campers eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food served is a diet primary of grapes, cheese, bread, and extra lean, nymph-cut barbecue and you can ask whatever you want to drink (although Coke does not have the same flavor). Each cabin has their own tables and campers are not allowed to sit at a table that is not their cabin's. The tables are covered with a white tablecloth fringed with purple. At the center of the pavilion is the bonfire. It is lit during the dinners. At the beginning of each meal, each cabin takes turns going up to the fire and dropping in a share of their best food as an offering for the gods (because the gods like the smell). Hestia, goddess of the hearth, gets a portion of each offering.
Table 1 (Zeus), Table 2 (Hera), Table 3 (Poseidon), Table 4 (Demeter), Table 5 (Ares), Table 6 (Athena), Table 7 (Apollo), Table 8 (Artemis), Table 9 (Hephaestus), Table 10 (Aphrodite), Table 11 (Hermes), Table 12 (Dionysus), Table 13 (Hades), Table 14 (Iris), Table 15 (Hypnos), Table 16 (Nemesis), Table 17 (Nike), Table 18 (Hebe), Table 19 (Tyche), Table 20 (Hecate)
11Please Read
Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:39 pm
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The Forest

The woods are where dryads live and monsters were stocked. It is known as a dangerous place, and no one should ever go there unless they were armed or with a companion. The campers play capture-the-flag in the woods every Friday, and sometimes hunt for monsters to fight as training, such as when Quintus brought scorpions from Triple G Ranch. It is often mentioned in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
Zeus Fist, Grove of Dodona, Zephyros Creek
217Frustrations at ...
Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:32 am
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The Grounds

Vollyball Courts, Canoe Lake, The Climbing Wall, The Stables, Armory, The Forge, Archery Field, The Arena, The Strawberry Fields, Fireworks Beach, The CampFire
627The Son of Zeus ...
Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:14 pm
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Places of Import

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The Lotus Hotel & Casino, The Wilderness School
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New York

The Empire State Building, Pier 86 -- The Intrepid
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Buddhist Monestary
16You Forgot Who Y...
Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:35 pm
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Everywhere & Anywhere

For people who want to role play their journey to camp half blood, or on their quests.

228Island Roulette ...
Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:33 pm
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Inspiration Park

Where the dryad and nyphs live. Its also where the Muses like to give concerts for Olympus.
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Most gods live on Olympus, but a few others prefer to tend to their native kingdoms, like Hades and Poseidon, though Poseidon has a throne in the council while Hades does not.
War Room, Observation Hall, Living Quarters
22Throne Room
Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:21 am
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Where the many type of horses are kept that pull the gods' chariots
Chariot House
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Hephaestus' Forge

Where Hephaestus creates the weopons of the gods. His pet projects, and gizmos. At times when not satisfied with a project he will throw the pieces of celestialbronze off olympus. These peices end up all over the of the earth.
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Cavern of Fate

This is where the Fates live and work. Here is the loom where they weave people's lives as well as where they cut the strings that ends a persons life.
12The Tangled Thre...
Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:34 am
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River Styx

Charon's ferry floats along this river on its way to the main gate on the Walls of Erebus. In ancient history, Achilles used the Styx to become invincible (His mother, Thetis, held him by his heel to keep him anchored to the mortal world, dipping him into the river.) Since the river is so powerful, the person bathing in it has to pick one vulnerable spot on their body to make sure they are anchored to their human life, or else they will dissolve into the river. Thus the saying "Achilles' Heel" came to be because he was defeated in his vulnerable spot, his heel. There is also a place on the human heel that is called the "Achilles Tendon", mainly because that is what scientists discovered and named with Achilles.
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Hades Palace

Hades' palace is where he lives and operates his command over the Underworld. His gate is engraved with images of death and his throne is made of bones, with a flowery throne next to it for his wife, Persephone. Hades built it to resemble Olympus even though everything is black and bronze and on Olympus, everything is silver and white. It is mentioned in The Last Olympian that Nico di Angelo has a room here.
Throne Room, Living Quarters, Kennels
23A Place for Ever...
Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:06 pm
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Judgement Pavilion

Once a spirit enters the Underworld, it enters the Pavilion, where three spirits judge them and put them in a certain place, according to their actions during life. One of the three judges is known, King Minos. Annabeth mentions William Shakespeare and Thomas Jefferson being some of the other judges. In Greek times, a man named King Radamanthus judged the dead and was later joined by King Aeacus and King Minos. Now there is a select group of judges that rotate regularly.
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The Fields of Punishment

The Fields of Punishment are fields of complete and brutal torture for souls of people who have done extreme wrongs in their lifetime.
It has "miles of barbed wire separating the different torture areas." Some of the torture areas include being burned at the stake, running through cactus patches naked, being chased by hellhounds, and being forced to listen to opera music. It is also noted in The Lightning Thief, that there was lots of people in the Fields of Punishment. Percy mentioned that what he believes in a different hell is exactly the Fields of Punishment and mortals just one to see what they want.
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The Fields of Asphodel

Souls who don't wish to be judged go the Asphodel Fields. According to Grover, it is described as "standing in a wheat field in Kansas for eternity." Also for people who are judged and who have not done enough good or bad in their life end in Asphodel as Annabeth stated that "most people don't do good or bad in their life." Most souls forget their lives when they are in these fields.
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Elysium is the place of paradise for the heroic and the virtuous. The souls of those who had either died a hero's death or led a virtuous life will live in peace in Elysium forever. In the middle of the Valley of Elysium, there is a glittering blue lake, on which is the Isles of the Blest.
According to Percy, Elysium seemed to be the only happy part of the Underworld, and beyond its gates, one could see neighborhoods of beautiful houses from every time period in history. Flowers of silver and gold blooms on the lawns, the grass ripples in rainbow colors, and one could hear laughter and smell barbecue cooking even when standing outside the gates.
The Isles of the Blest
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Tartarus is the darkest and deepest area of the Underworld. Tartarus is where the gods imprison their enemies, chiefly the Titans. Kronos is known for being held there. When a monster is slain, its essence is sent to Tartarus until they can reform.
Tartarus is the lowest region of the world, as far below earth as earth is from heaven. Tartarus is described as a dark, gloomy pit, surrounded by a wall of bronze, and beyond that a three-fold layer of night. According to the Iliad, it is a 9-day anvil fall from the other regions of Hades.
The River Lethe
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